The University College of Estate Management (UCEM) Online Education Department works alongside the Learning and Teaching Department to produce high quality, informed and evaluated programmes for our online provision.  This includes designing and developing new ideas and ensuring that our students have the best possible online experience.

For details about our programmes and for information about the University College of Estate Management, please refer to our main site.

What We Do

Learning Design

Our learning designers and editors work collaboratively with the learning and teaching department to design and build our online programmes. We implement active pedagogy, online presence, feedback opportunities and authentic transparent assessment.

Student Engagement

Building a student community, responding to student feedback and enhancing all aspects of life as a student at UCEM.

Media Production

We create professional, high quality video, photographic, audio and graphic-based learning resources and maintain the quality control of this kind of media across UCEM.

Trying out VR equipment

Technology Innovation

We research new learning technologies, pilot their use, and if suitable implement and add them to the toolset at UCEM.  We can provide evidence for selectioning a learning technology and publish research on the impact it has on student outcomes.

Text on a kindle


The UCEM e-Library (accessed through our VLE) is a comprehensive and valuable online resource for all our staff and students. It provides  access a wealth of subject-specific and credible information to supplement teaching and learning materials, and support students throughout their studies.

Access supported online learning for further details about the e-Library and our current awareness services including Knowledge Foundations and the fortnightly information blog.