OUR Design Jams

Our two-day design jam workshops provide a hands-on, engaging and supported space for module teams to come together and design the structure of their nine-week modules.

The workshop activities have been adapted from a model developed by Clive Young and Nataša Perović at UCL Digital Education called ABC Curriculum Design. The model has been used successfully in educational institutions across Europe as a quick way to (re)design programmes and modules, supporting academic teams to discuss and create storyboards of students’ activities.

During our workshop you will work as a team with dedicated learning designers and media specialists to create a visual ‘storyboard’ for each module in the forthcoming development stage. The storyboard will outline the type and sequence of learning activities required to meet your module’s learning outcomes. You will also have the opportunity to plan media content such as video and interactive presentations. A range of resources are available in the workshops to help teams design  modules including card sorting sets, top trumps, padagogy wheels and plenty of coffee!


Our first design jam was held on 1st and 2nd May 2019 at Horizons in Reading. A schedule can be found here.as