Learning Design Centre

We begin our module design with the end in mind, using an assessment-first approach. Starting with desired learning outcomes, clearly stated in measurable terms, then working backwards through authentic teaching and learning activities, supported with high quality content.
Learning Design Team

UCEM’s educational framework, development process and supporting resources provide the foundation upon which we deliver student centred online education.  We are committed to providing a student experience that is authentic, flexible, accessible and inclusive to all those who are building a career to enhance our built environment.

UCEM Educational Framework

Find out more about our Learning Design model, pedagogy and approaches to teaching and student support.

Planning your Online Module

Our online course steps you through a series of activities to start planning your online module and hit the ground running at the Design Jam! 

Available to UCEM Staff only.

Start Planning your module

OUR Design Jams

Every module we develop begins with a Design Jam! This two-day engaging hands-on workshop will bring module teams together to storyboard the student journey using a specially developed set of learning types.

Module Development Toolkit

Our Module Development Toolkit on Moodle provides a  range of task and activity templates that reflect our pedagogy, evidence-based practice and clean, customisable design.

Available to UCEM staff only.

Development PRocess and Resources

We have made  our learning design resources available under Creative Commons for adaption and reuse.