Zoom – Module webinars on demand

The Zoom LTI Pro add in for Moodle has additional functionality that allows a Module Leader to schedule and publish new meetings at anytime during the running of their module. This article runs through how this is possible.

When you access the tool via the Webinar Schedule and Recordings tab on your module and click Access you Webinar session, you will notice the window contains a Schedule a New Meeting button. Shown below it’s the blue button in the top right.

After you click this button you will be able to generate a new Meeting in the same way you would schedule a Zoom Meeting, Check out the earlier post Zoom: Hosting sessions – How to? if you need a refresher on doing this.

When the new meeting is saved it will be added to the Upcoming Meetings tab based on the date defined in the creation.

Now the meeting will be visible to all the students and provide them with a Join button for when they need to access the session.