Accessible PDFs – Accessibility Checking (4/5)

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Convert Scanned Text

To make a scanned PDF accessible, make sure that it contains real text. Go to Tools > Enhance Scans and add it. In the PDF with scanned text go to Enhance Scans in the Tools pane and select Recognize Text > In this File.

Changing background colour

Some people find it easier to read when they have certain background colours. So you should be able to change the background colour of a PDF document. Use Edit > Preferences > Accessibility > Replace Document Colours. Sometimes this may not work well; for example, if there are background images.

Read Out Loud

 You can check whether the text can be picked up by assistive technologies by View > Read out loud. Reading order that was discussed previously (in the series of posts) affects the way content will be read out.

Accessibility Checker

You can check the accessibility of your document using Accessibility pane’s Full Check option. This will give you issues that the automatic checker can pick. However, there are many things that this automated accessibility checker is not capable of picking up, for example issues with complex tables. I will discuss complex tables in my next blog post.

Accessibility pane Full Check option
Figure 1: Accessibility checker