Developing digital fluency

When we embarked on the production of our new Level 4 module on Digital Technologies for the Built Environment we saw an opportunity to develop our students digital fluency. Whilst the module specifically focuses on digital transformation in the sector, it is essential that our students develop their practice to engage in a world of rapid technological change, with an awareness of the impact that digital technologies can have – both positive and negative so that they can make informed, critical choices.

Facilitated by Andrew Belt, this media piece is a conversation between myself and the module leader Adam O’Rourke. I’ve really enjoyed working with Adam and other colleagues at UCEM to design the module, especially knowing that as one of our big modules (c. 350 students) we have an opportunity to engage with a large percentage of our student body. During the conversation we talk about the thinking behind the module design and the types of assignments and activities we have created. We discuss the use of digital diaries, Visitors and Residents mapping, and continuous assessment across the 20 week module to develop students’ digital fluency. We also discuss how we interlace with other literacies such as race, gender and sustainability, the role of webinars and the feedback we have received from students so far.

The video has been beautifully produced by our media team (shout-out to Smart Banda). Who could have thought a simple Zoom recording could become something so much more interesting.