Badges on Moodle

I previously wrote about the challenges of automating badge issuing in the blog Automating Badge Issuing on the Accessibility Course. Now we have automated the first seven badges of the UCEM Accessibility Awareness Course as these are offered upon the successful completion of quizzes.

If you have earned a badge on the Moodle platform, it will be visible on the platform under Latest Badges.

Dashboard > Latest Badges

Moodle Latest Badges

You can also view the badges by going to your profile. Click on the down arrow on the top right-hand corner profile > View Profile

Moodle Profile view

In Preferences you can find a section on Badges that allows you to use your badges the way you want.

Preferences Badges

You can download the badges from Preferences > Badges > Manage badges to share in your profiles. Alternatively you can connect to a backpack to store your badges.

My badges from VLE