Finding our Voices; Inspire UCEM Podcasting Workshop #InspireUCEM

Our second Inspire Session was held on June 28th with a workshop from Stephan Caspar, Lead for Media and e-Learning at the University of Southampton. Stephan is an expert on the development of Podcasting as a tool for impact for research and education. He has a background in Media in Further Education and has been working at the University of Southampton and elsewhere, supporting academic staff to engage with media to share their research to a wider audience and to engage students in their teaching. The session was well attended, with staff from both academic teams as well as the Online Education and Learning Enhancement teams.

Stephan gave a talk about what a podcast is (and is not) and introduced us to a range of tools and equipment that we can use to create our own podcasts. It was clear that it was much easier to produce through apps than it ever has been before and it was also clear that just creating an audio file was not a podcast. A podcast is something that can be subscribed to and is available through distribution platforms such as iTunes and Google Podcast App.

There were plenty of tips for us to help us create some really rather impressive ‘on the fly’ podcasts, with the help of some really un complicated equipment. Stephan brought with him some media tools, a great Bluetooth microphone and an array of equipment that we have much of at UCEM (available through our Media Team). Three teams created their own podcasts using a structure that Stephan provided. Overall it was a really useful contribution to our work as well as great fun, through the facilitation of Stephan and the support of our Media Team, we are inspired to create our own podcasts.

Transcript available:

About Inspire Sessions:

Inspire sessions are an opportunity for our staff to find out about various activities related to education and research from across the sector.  These events can be a workshop or a talk and are part of resources for us to implement new ideas into our academic practice.  If you are interested in sharing your ideas, research or expertise, then please contact Fiona Harvey, Head of Digital Education