Zoom: Teething Troubles or Features?

Zoom is rolled out to conduct module “webinars” at UCEM.  (Clarification of terminology: UCEM webinar is a Zoom meeting). Since the roll out we  have been receiving support calls from tutors for mainly FIVE issues. These are detailed in Module Tutoring  area’s Zoom FAQs (only accessible to UCEM tutors). So I am blogging about these issues hoping it will be of use to a wider group of Zoom users.

Recording Button

Recording button seems to be giving lot of headache to our tutors.  If you access a meeting/webinar set up on behalf of you and you do not have the record button it means that you are not recognised as the host. Our solution for this issue is simple:

1) Log in to Zoom desktop app  Start button > in the search box type “Zoom” >  Start Zoom  and log in to your UCEM account

2) Now start your webinar you should see the Record button

When you share your presentation with the audience, Zoom tool bar moves to the top of the screen.  Click on the ellipsis (the three dots) you will be able to see Record in the drop-down menu.

zoom toolbar

Chat Window

While sharing  your presentation, if you need to open Chat, click on the ellipsis (the three dots) you will be able to see Chat in the drop-down menu.

Zoom tool bar Chat option

Chat Options: Host only or Everyone

There is a feature in Zoom that allows the host to control what form of chat can take place in the session. Options are: allow attendees to chat with

  1. Host only
  2. Everyone

Zoom chat options

For example, if there is a disruptive student chatting away you can enforce that students can only chat to the host. If the host have enabled this setting, students cannot see what other students are posting in the chat. You as the host is in control of how you allow your participants to chat.

NOTE: if you changed the setting in the chat, Zoom will remember it for the next time when you login.

Please move this window away from the shared application

Please move this window away from the shared application error message

As a host you may have seen this error message when conducting a Zoom session. This means that you are opening an application window on top of the application window you have shared with students and the system is struggling to display the shared window to your participants.

All you need to do is move the application window that is covering the shared window. This may be difficult if you are presenting the session on a laptop screen. We suggest that you try this method to force your PowerPoint Slide Show into a window so that you can change the size of the window to fit in the chat window. Please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Slide Show
  2. Click on Set Up Slide Show
  3. Browsed by an individual (window)
  4. OK
  5. Now run the slide show as normal (use  Slide Show > From Beginning or Slide Show icon to start the slide show)


After you do this, you will be able to arrange your shared Slide Show window  on your desktop to a size that will allow other windows to be seen as shown below.

Note: Your participants will only see the shared window (in this case the PowerPoint Slide Show window) not your whole desktop as you have ONLY shared the slide show window.

Arranging slideshow and chat on one screen

Cannot see the task bar

You can always use  the Windows key to make the Task bar visible.